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Guilin Nanxi Mountain Park - 2010 was assessed as a national 4A-level scenic spots, and named Guilin Nanxi Mountain area. From the city of Zhongshan Road southbound, South Railway Station not far, then to Nanxi Mountain. It is located in the east of General Bridge in the south of Guilin, with a height of more than 140 meters. It is 350 meters long and 180 meters wide: towering peaks and streams, beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery. 1483434475134095.jpg

"Longyan pregnant Yuquan, Bi Yang Qingxi Ying. Fang aromatic algae shine, the wave into the pheasant quiet. Yu Ji try new tea, visitors compete for Ji." Guilin, the Qing Dynasty famous painter, poet Zhu Shude so vividly depicts the magic of Nanxi Mountain mood.1483434475134095.jpg

Visible, Nanxi Mountain's natural landscape, ancient and modern aspire to, many celebrities scholars lament it. The mountains are Bailongdong, Longjiadong, Yuan Yan ,, Guanyin Rock, Sizhou Rock, wearing a rock ... ... is the first famous historical sites and landscape resorts, with a total area of 20 hectares, the gates of the monument is listed as Guilin Lijiang National key scenic spots. In 1974 the park opened a new three-arch antique arch faced street, gray glass cornices, antique

. Standing in the south gate, with the construction of modern building materials, antique long row of buildings Qionglou, green tile white walls, ancient Alice, and Nanxi landscape Co-ordinated, and become the most attractive to attract tourists a landscape. Introduction, plastic immediately have the Song Dynasty Wang Zhengong wrote "Guilin landscape Jia Tianxia" stone. Park covers an area of 18 hectares, green grass, flower beds all over. Evergreen bamboo, vigorous autumn maple, the pavilion of the palm, lush laurel, banyan tree, Magnolia grandiflora, etc., blotting out the sun. Clear bottom of the stream from west to east and around, the water has been piled out Fang Chau, named Jinlian Island, and built pavilions, a bridge accessible. The blue stream south of the city is the origin of the beautiful name.timg.jpg

Nanxi Mountain in the urban area south of the general bridge, about one kilometer from the train station, named because of Nanxi lingering. It has something two peaks, each side by side, towering thousand feet, the north side of the cliff, rocks white. After the rain, sunny, early clouds open, the sun shines on the rocks, will launch a dazzling brilliance. In the ancient "Nanxi new Ji" is one of eight scenic spots in Guilin. Nanxi mountain cave and more odd, to the north of the White Dragon Cave is the most famous. Its hole open high open, like a tall stone house, Shek Pik white, a milk drooping, very similar to the leading, so called the White Dragon Cave. Cave with double lion stone, stalagmite spring, white dragon beads and other wonders. Out of the White Dragon Cave right line, then to the mysterious rock, which is a stalactite from the composition of the colorful gallery. This hole is divided into two. One can go through the rock, the hole rock road is shorter, often through the door, there are many precious rock carvings. It can be called Guanyin Rock, it is due to a group of stalactites hole like a Buddism godness Guanyin Bodhisattva named, Guilin has now become one of the local people pray. Timg.jpg

Nanxi Mountain in Zhongshan South Road and Chongxin Road junction, Bayi Bridge on the eastern side. 291 meters above sea level, the relative height of 141 meters, 350 meters long, 180 meters wide, mountain area of 7.75 hectares. "Lingui County" records: "Nanxi Mountain, County South five miles, pull up thousands of feet, smoke emptiness floating, the Xidong Li River." "River in the county in the south, because the said Nanxi" To the river name "named Nanxi Mountain. Because of the mountains and white dragon cave, named Bailongshan. Nanxi River linger north, into the Lijiang River. Nanxi Mountain after the rain, sunny, early clouds scattered, sun shine, glory. Qing Dynasty seventeen years (1891) Zhu Shude will be "new stream of South Stream" as one of eight continuation of Guilin, and poems praise Road: "Nanxi mountain towering, where the provision of Wonderland Longyan pregnant Yuquan, Bi Yang Only the Nanxi mountain stone thing two peaks stand side by side, rock white, volley wall stand up, the mountain is not the same as the mountain, , Qiaoba steep, pregnant Cui smoke, Lan color flapping, like two white screens, stands in Guilin south. "South River Yuping" one of the new King of Guilin.

South Creek cave and more odd, Shannan Liu Xianyan, through the rock, north of the White Dragon Cave, Yuan rock, Sizhou rock, Longjiandong. North of the South River at the White Dragon Spring. Between the two peaks at the end of Longji Au, Longjian built on the pavilion. The main pavilion for the eight pillars, single eaves, Qiaojiao rectangular, on both sides of the pavilion, the vicinity of Shi-feng, with a total area of 83 square meters, generous and beautiful.... Pavilion Pavilion South can be stroked Chicken (Kameyama) Zhufeng, Pavilion East is the Lijiang River South diarrhea, the Pavilion West Xifeng high then the cloud, is the Nanxi can not board the land. Nanxi Mountain cliff stone nearly 200, mostly distributed in the White Dragon Cave, Yuan rock, Sizhou rock, Liu Xian Yan, such as through the rocks. Song Zhao Kui, "Guilin twenty-four cave song", the cave in Guilin made a vivid description of the mountains. "Lingui County," said Nanxi Mountain as "Don Li Bo by the Department of." Li Bo Ren Guizhou prefectural governor, has been the development of South Creek Hill, with deep feeling. Ren full back to Luoyang, the special Fu Nanxi read poem: often stuck Chunquan not go back, I go to this more difficult to come to know after the mercy of the Department, hand-planting rock flower times open. Long hole, as people pass by. U = 2130367896,1719365651 & fm = 214 & gp = 0.jpgu=2130367896,1719365651&fm=214&gp=0.jpg

Nanxi Mountain in Zhongshan South Road, Chongxin Road, Bayi Bridge on the east side of the junction, 291 meters above sea level, the relative height of 141 meters, 350 meters long, 180 meters wide, mountain area of 7.75 hectares. Nanxi clean, linger north, into the Lijiang River. Nanxi Mountain and Elephant Trunk Hill, Duxiu peak belong to pure thick layer of limestone, the original and cocker Hill, Lohan mountains with the body, millions of years ago by the water erosion, split into solitary peaks. Nanxi mountain development earlier, cliff wall to leave the Tang Dynasty since the stone nearly 200, Li Bo "Nanxi mountain poem and order" recorded more than 1,000 years ago, he developed the South Creek after the mountain. Since the Tang Dynasty, the ancient repairs are. Turned into a park, the new very Feng, Guilin has now become a unique landscape of scenic spots.

1996, the scenic area in the north of the mountain planted more than 500 strains of more than 50 varieties of cherry blossoms, Guilin, the largest cherry garden. Early February each year, cherry blossoms, beautiful exception. Nanxi Mountain held annually cherry blossom festival, has become a beautiful landscape of Guilin.